Chris Schroeder, Minister of Music

Chris Schroeder’s devotion to music as ministry makes the entire music program at Grace so relevant. His knowledge base and attention to each musical element in worship create an experience so much deeper than what we might perceive through spoken words alone.

Our 2020-21 worship services are currently found on Facebook and YouTube, and Chris has continued to ensure the organ, piano and vocal music at each service contribute to a melding with all other elements of worship. Each Sunday, he plays a few moments of piano called Countdown to Worship and assists with the beginning of each service with Gathering Music.

Vocal music is an honored Methodist tradition! Hymns are announced in advance in e-Notes so worshippers may follow and sing from home; our professional soloists continue to add beauty and leadership for hymns and solos. And, Chris has kept the choir going with Zoom, using that to connect us as friends, singers, and to  prepare anthems once a month for online worship. Yes – Chris has also learned about recording, editing, and nurturing singers who are recording at home, magically becoming part of the online choir on Sunday  mornings!

Chris ensured that Grace members and friends enjoyed the annual Patriotic Concert and our Christmas Concert. He worked through the logistics so the annual Holiday Brass Concert could take place in the Grace sanctuary for online viewing. He and pianist Kathryn Locke presented a pre-pandemic Four Hand Piano Concert in January 2020; they are preparing for another concert, this time with two Steinways in the chancel, for a March 2021 concert. The power of music continues!