Giving Grace Commitment Form


By God’s grace our church has served as a beacon for Christ and a place of welcome in Baltimore for over 150 years. Now is the time to follow that light- to build upon our strong heritage and prepare for the next chapter of our ministry. We invite you to support our new campaign of congregational commitment.

Sustaining Today…

Through Grace’s ministries, our church is already a place where communities gather, children learn, music is made, and needs are fulfilled. Support of this campaign will ensure that outreach continues uninterrupted.

Building Tomorrow…

As we look ahead, funds raised in the campaign will support construction upgrades and the reorganization needed to create informal gathering spaces, relocate the staff to a central location, improve restrooms, and establish a hospitable presence at our main entry. All these improvements translate into a stronger community and more transformational ministry.

Please pledge by Sunday, December 3. The 2024 Stewardship Brochure can be accessed HERE. Pledges are the single most important source of funding for our operating budget. Thank you for supporting the vital ministries of Grace Church in the upcoming year.

Online Pledge Form


1) Annual Stewardship for the General Fund Commitment

With gratitude for God's many blessings:
Enter the total amount of your One-Year Annual Stewardship commitment

2) 3-Year Capital Commitment

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