Confirmation 2020 Begins Sunday, Feb. 2

On Sunday, February 2nd at 11:15 am, Grace UMC will offer the first weekly Confirmation 2020 class for those who are interested. Confirmation is an important event in the life of any Christian where we study our faith and ‘confirm’ the baptism we already had as children; this is the official entrance into church membership and faith life. For those who have not been baptized, this is also an opportunity to make that decision and be baptized.

Confirmation is traditionally offered to youth who are at least 12 years of age and up, and it is also open to adults joining the faith for the first time or for adults or youth who wish to ‘reconfirm’ their commitment to Christ. What is most important is that participants be able to make decisions for themselves and have a self-interest in being confirmed, so we encourage confirmands to enter into this process when they feel ready, based on their own decisions of faith.

Our confirmation classes will begin Sunday February 2nd at 11:15 am after our 10:00 am worship service and will last roughly an hour, ending around 12:15 pm. We will have the class every week, ending on Sunday March 29th. There will be 2 Sundays with no classes that the class will determine together to be flexible with spring break and other events. It is strongly encouraged that participants attend every class. Missed classes are allowed but will require coordination with the pastors. The class will culminate in a Confirmation Ceremony on Saturday evening, April 11th as part of the Easter Vigil Service. Confirmands will also be briefly recognized the following morning during our Easter Sunday Service. Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and Confirmation is the celebration of our resurrection in Christ.

Lastly, it is strongly encouraged that every participant go through the classes with a mentor/partner. This person should be someone mature in faith who is willing to discuss their own personal faith experiences and choices. Parents are not allowed to be this mentor, but other family members are OK  (aunt, uncle, older sibling, etc.). A Godparent is a great person for this role if available, as this is the original purpose of the position. There are also many members of Grace UMC who would be honored to mentor a participant, and participants are encouraged to seek one of them – the pastors can assist with this if needed.  Faith is not something we deal with alone, it is a community experience as well as a personal one.  Let us use the wisdom and experience of our faith elders to lead us.

If you or your youth are interested, please reach out to Pastor Dane or Rev. Amy by Sunday, January 26th. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out; the church office number is 410-433-6650.  We look forward to going on this journey with you and all the participants.